PJM Cleaning and Home Improvement is a professional cleaning company, proudly serving clients in and around Lewiston, ME.

Professional Home Cleaning Company

At our company, we believe in using environmentally-friendly products. Our vacuum cleaners have great HEPA filters. For commercial clients who require Material Safety Data Sheets for cleaning supplies and products used at their workplace, we will provide them for you.

We recommend that our residential customers use their cleaning products and supplies to avoid possible contamination that could occur from bringing products in and out of their properties. Don’t worry, on your first cleaning, our cleaners will give you a $5 discount if we use any of your products, and we will replace anything that you run out of, within reason, if you continue to use our professional services regularly.

If requested, we have professional air purifiers available which can dramatically reduce the number of pathogens in the air, like those that cause the flu… and the dreaded coronavirus! The technology these machines use was initially developed for NASA and has been used to clean the Pentagon after 9/11. We can also clean carpets using a dry foam method that doesn’t leave them sopping wet.

We listen to our clients. Many of them have used cleaning companies back in time that sent different workers to their homes too often. That being said, we invest time in making the whole experience as stress-free as possible. At our company, the owner, Paula, believes in meeting you and doing the first few cleanings. That way, she has a good understanding of your requirements and can relay them to the worker she assigns to you. We hire very carefully, even background-checking workers when our commercial customers require it.

If your residential property hasn’t been maintained to your usual standards, for whatever reason, or if you are feeling overwhelmed due to all the clutter, we want your business. We can bring boxes to help you organize, make a trip to the dump or goodwill if needed, and even try to involve your kids in the process of organizing toys and help them throughout the cleanup process. No matter your situation, we can treat you with dignity and respect and do our very best to offer reliable and affordable cleaning services.

We take phone calls and respond to emails and text messages any time of the day if we can. Working hours are generally from 8 PM to 4 PM Monday through Friday for recurring residential customers; however, if you need different hours, we will listen. Some commercial clients choose to have the cleaning done after their regular business hours, we will understand and arrange it. We do our very best to schedule one-time cleanings and new customers within a few days of being contacted.

PJM Cleaning and Home Improvement is a professional cleaning company you should call first… and last. So, pick up the phone and contact us today at (207) 209-4458, or send a text to (207) 436-5111.

PJM Cleaning and Home Improvement

Address: Lewiston, ME

Phone: (207) 209-4458

Additional phone: (207) 436-5111